Don’t Let Your Social Media Die!

You know how it is… you get some great video (or an amazing testimonial) and you get it out on your social media stories and – boom – it’s awesome, but then 24 hours later it’s dead. Sure, next year, you can resect it as a memory, but we all know that looks a little sad.

There’s nothing quite like authentic word of mouth, so if you can get it, you should put it to best use.

We take the very best of your social media, give it the kiss of life, mix it up with some great testimonials and add some seductive motion graphics to give you an awesome video you can use in a loop on your clinic walls.

Spinning Instagram Stories Into a YouTube Format

When the S-Thetics clinic turned five Miss Sherina Balaratnam was sent the most amazing video messages from all over the world.

These videos were shot as video selfies – in a vertical format. We wanted to find a way of giving the videos longevity and also we wanted to put them into a format that could be put on a screen in the clinic.

This was our solution: all the elements are animated. We’ve used the S-Thetics brand colours, logo and fonts to give the video a clear clinic identity.

Nick is our go-to videographer for lectures and conference events! - Lorna Bowes, co-founder, AestheticSource

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